Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to Add Adsense Ads In the two post Middle inside your blogger

Many people may understand the title. The first two are in the middle of your blog-spot blog post, I will show how advertising can be placed. If you follow the steps below.  

  • • First blog-spot blog dashboard Template> Edit HTML Go.
  • • Now the code below stands out. You can easily press "CTRL+ F"  to find the code. 
  • • When you find the code at the top of the deficiencies, enter the following code after the code.
  •  • Now turn your ad code conversion. The above mentioned code. See Your Advertisement Code Here is the text of the code. Instead of just writing the code that you'd like to advertise, and save templates.

Hopefully the above post that is not a problem, and yes of course the size of the ad to fit the time would not be alive to see if it would not be good. If you post your work to share with the friends. If you have any problems, please comment below. Will be the best fit. Click here to view video...